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Thank you for continuing to visit your source for airline tickets and balikbayan airfare to the Philippines, a dedicated service by your Filipino travel agency in Canada.

We have renovated the website and have added materials, articles, reports and tips for the benefit of those who are searching for information on immigration, passports, travel insurance and health insurance.

The links to airline companies and airport that services the Philippines from Canada and the United States plus the frequently asked questions (FAQ) are left intact and additional information on those old links were being added.

Article and reports on places of attraction in the Philippines and Canada now have a special section and so is the most often ignored part of preparing for your holidays - Travel Insurance, including trip cancellation and health insurance.

The write up for those materials are to be drawn from newspapers or articles submitted to news agencies. The articles that will be posted are directly relevant to the subject and would come in full articles or a summary both with link back to the original writing, depending on the permission obtained in posting the story from the author or news agency.

Filipino nationals who plan on emigrating or working abroad, immigrants of Pilipino roots, OCW, OFW and expatriate Filipinos will find the information contained in our website useful in their search. Employment opportunity newspapers circulated in Canada will have links at the Filipino travel agency link partners section.

If you are a website or a business owner with contents closely relevant to Royal Vacations site and would like added link relevance to your site, we encourage you to visit our Link Partners section. All submissions will be reviewed before inclusion to maintain quality and family friendly directory.

Site visitors who know a resource or website that would be helpful to others who come to our website can recommend their favorites by sending us an email at info(at)royalvacationstravel(dot)com or fill out the form at our Contact Information Section. We'll visit your recommendation and add it to our resources if we see fit.

Here are the description of the links to assist you in navigating our website:

The Airline Information page are links to airline companies which services Canada to the Philippines and back.

The Airport Information page is your resource on major airports in the Philippines and Canada.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page will give you information on the most common questions many of our customers ask from us.

The Contact Us page is where you will find information on how to reach us. If you are in a hurry for our services, our phone numbers are listed on that page. But if your requirement is not urgent or if you just want to inquire or drop us a line, you can use the contact form on the same page.

The Link With Us section is a new addition to our site. It's where website visitors will find additional resources and information. It's also for exchanging links with other similarly themed websites or businesses but otherwise a non-competitor. If you know of a resource that you find useful to you and will benefit our website visitors, we would appreciate if you can send us the web address of the information so we can post a link here.

Another group of additions are on the right navigation bar. Those additional sections will contain articles, tips and more information about several topics that were frequently asked from us by email inquiries:

Philippine Attractions And Destinations will contain articles or information on destinations and places to visit in the Philippines.

Attractions And Destinations In Canada will have articles and reports about places and destinations to visit in Canada.

We also included tips and topics on insurance protection for travelers at Travel, Health and Trip Cancellation Insurance section.

Immigration To Canada section will discuss immigration, living or working in Canada. This site is independent from Royal Vacations Travel site, and will provide links to documents, immigration tips from licensed lawyers and immigration specialists plus contact information for those professionals in case anyone needs professional services.

OCW/OFW Section is the section in where announcements, resources and links to Canada worker jobs news and articles will be found. This section is our tribute to the millions of migrant Filipinos the world over.

And for a wider travel topics in general, Travel Tips is where the articles will be posted.

Enjoy your visit to your Canada Filipino Travel Agency website! Thanks for dropping by.

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