How To Save Money With The Right Travel Agent

2:24 am Travel Agent Selection

Travel agents are not often the best places to go when trying to save money on flights. However, with the right travel agent, you can save a bundle on your flight, hotel, meals, and car rentals. Finding the travel agent that will save you more money than you could save yourself through hard work and lost of price comparisons is difficult. But when you don’t have the time to search for the deals or you just don’t know where to look, the right travel agent will find you discounts and flights much cheaper than if you were to simply go online and book without comparison shopping.

The right travel agent that will save you the most money will have a few distinct traits. First, the travel agent will ask you tons of questions about your plans, travel itinerary, preferences, and flexibility. The travel agent that asks these questions will have a better chance of finding you deals that you can work with.

Another thing to look for in a travel agent is what vendors and how many vendors the travel agent works with. If you find a travel agent that wants to consistently go through one or two vendors, you probably won’t get the best rates. You want a travel agent that will shop around and find you the best deal possible for your vacation and flights.

Ask your own questions when dealing with a travel agent. If you are flexible in your timing or the days of your travel, make sure you let the agent know this information. It could result in a much better deal. Ask the agent what vendors they use, and what they will do to find you the best deal you could possibly get. Ask the vendor if you could get a better deal on your own. All of these questions will help the travel agent find you the cheapest rates possible, as well as let them know that you mean business.

Another thing to do when looking for a travel agent is to check a few prices before you contact the travel agency. By checking a few discount prices before calling, you will be able to know if you are being ripped off, or if you are really getting a good deal. Also, if you can quote a few prices to the agent and ask if they can get you a better deal than what you found, you will be more likely to get the best deal that the travel agent can get you.

Another way to save money with travel agents is by asking about tourist groups. Many travel agents have access to various tourist agencies or groups. Getting in on these groups is often much cheaper than traveling by yourself or with your family alone. This is because the groups get discounted air fare, discounted hotel rooms, and discounted meals. You also save on transportation costs once you get there because the group will typically rent a bus to transport the group from place to place.

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