Kowloon Hotels in Hong Kong Alternative. Rooms For Rent In Hong Kong!

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For kababayans who are planning to stay in Hong Kong but do not want to pay expensive hotel prices there, we now have available rooms for you at very Pinoy prices! We have three locations in Kowloon (all in the Tsim Sha Tsui area) to serve you.

Conveniently accessible on all transport services (bus, taxi, subway) - any places you want to visit in Hong Kong can be reached fast, easy and cheaply.

You don't even need to take a taxi cab (specially if you don't have too many luggages to carry) from the airport to our flats. A single bus ride (30-45 minutes) can take you straight to any of all our three locations (only HKD33 as of today).

Internet, cable TV and local phone calls are available in all of our flats. Food and shopping are just steps away - most are open very, very late (is 3 am late enough for you?)

Please contact us immediately if you have already plans to go to Hong Kong as a side-trip to your planned holiday in Asia or the Philippines. First come, first serve only if there's no reservation deposit.

Low season pricing: HKD350 for twin sharing shared bath, HKD150 for bedspace shared bath, HKD500 for 2 twin sharing with own bath, HKD350 for twin sharing own bath. All rooms with own airconditioning.

Main Hong Kong location: 13/F, Tsim Sha Tsui Mansion, 83 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Toronto: 416-803-6316 or 416-429-7683
Edmonton: 780-628-3663
Text Philippines: (63)930-316-9861

Email: mmaniquis(at)rogers(dot)com

Budget Alternative For Kowloon Hotels in Hong Kong. Cheap Hong Kong Accomodation.

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Most travelers visiting Hong Kong are busy people who goes there to shop and sightsee or attend various conferences, trade shows and conventions. Many visitors choose Kowloon territory as their temporary residence there because of its central location and easy accessibility to food and shops.

If you are planning to stay in Kowloon Hotels while in Hong Kong, it is best to choose a budget Hong Kong rooms for rent to save on accomodation expenses in which the hotel room you're occupying you won't be using much anyway because you will be busy discovering Hong Kong and its environs the whole day.

If this is your first visit to Hong Kong, expect that - to fully enjoy your stay in the city, you would have to do your own exploration. Hong Kong is not the place for relaxation like when you're in the Carribbean (although you can but you wouldn't fully enjoy the visit). It is a place for shopping, exploration, interacting with other people and other activities that involves going out most of the time.

It's a very lively place to visit. Besides shopping (which is the main Hong Kong attraction), you can visit museums, theaters, theme parks (Ocean Park and Disneyland) or you can cross Macau by ferry and enjoy some casino time. You don't need a visa to visit Macau, by the way.

You can also cross the border to China (visa to cross Shenzhen, China is required) to see Windows of the World or just be tantalized by the amount of progress the Chinese have made in their own country outside of Hong Kong. And then be back in your budget Hong Kong room at night.