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Ottawa Valley – A Natural And Cultural Paradise

The Ottawa Valley of Ontario Canada is a kaleidoscope of pristine natural beauty and unique cultural heritage. It is a tapestry that blends cultural and natural wonders. If you are an intrepid outdoorsman, an art connoisseur, or simply a tourist who has a sense of history, Ottawa Valley is a place for you.

Bonnechere Caves in Ottawa ValleyThe Bonnechere Caves is a delight to naturalists, geologists or even to ordinary students out to learn more about rock formations, stalactites, and fossils for their science class. The Bonnechere Caves is now a favorite destination for field trips considering that fifty years ago it was only an unassuming part of the landscape. For a relaxing evening of music and entertainment consider a visit to the Stone Fence Theatre. Ottawa Valley is simply dotted with unforgettable locations and awe-inspiring sceneries.

On your way to the Bonnechere Caves, you will find vestiges of rural Ottawa with its rustic homes, cultivated farms and traditional barns. The fossils at the Caves reveal that the area eons ago had a warm tropical climate. Visitors will have the opportunity to examine the artifacts and learn about their historical background from the guides.

Bonnechere Caves Eganville Ontario CanadaThe cave is composed of cavernous chambers and narrow corridors which at the time of discovery were immersed in total darkness. At present, visitors can have a taste of what the ancient dwellers might have experienced when they too are thrown into total darkness to relive the moments of discovery. Several layered vaulted walls punctuate the narrow passageways at various intervals.

Glistening water, seeping through countless apertures within the cave, produces a cool temperature of 10 degree Celcius; so that as one steps out of the cave on a summer day, one will somewhat experience the refreshing whiff of a tropical breeze in a tropical forest.

The Stone Fence Theatre, which is located at the Our Lady of the Angels Parish in the historic town of Brudenell, close to Eaganville in Ontario, Canada, is a place where you can have a chance to travel, albeit vicariously, to the pioneering days of the first settlers.

Costumed actors, dancers and musicians showcase vignettes from the historic past spiced with the best humor and spirited acts. Yet, the entertainers are but a small part of the presentation. Even ordinary folks, you will soon realize, are deeply involved in the whole historical tableau. They prepare meals, conduct fundraising activities and art exhibits, and sell souvenirs and memorabilia, all throughout the performances.

The Stone Fence Theatre, according to them, is “A nonprofit community theatre dedicated to Ottawa Valley Heritage.

Our Canada


Our Canada is that huge country which occupies the northern part of the North American continent. It is a country known for freezing weather conditions, moose, beaver, hockey and a natural resource like no other.

Next to the Russian Federation, Canada is the second largest nation in the world in terms of land area at 9,971,500 square kilometers (3,848,900 square miles) and with only a population of 33,390,141 (July 2007 estimate). Compare that to the land of our birth, the Philippines with only 298,170 square kilometers (115,100 square miles) and a population of 87,857,473 (July 2006 estimate).

A Typical Canadian Snowy DayThe Province of Ontario alone has 917,741 square kilometers (354,342 square miles) which means the whole Philippine population will fit inside Ontario and still have enough space for several airports, football fields, basketball courts, dance halls and karaoke bars. Imagine the enormity of this country.

Our Canada is a country blessed by nature in beauty and resources. Our seas and lakes from the Pacific to the Atlantic to the Arctic abound with marine life, the forests of British Columbia are filled with trees and wildlife as is in Ontario, the Province of Alberta is rich in oil and the northern territories is where you’ll find other sources of energy and precious stones.

The other gift that we who lives in Canada enjoy is the diversity of its culture.

Canadian culture, especially the presently developed multicultural one, is another strength of this nation. Some people believe that Canadian culture is just a reflection of that of the United States of America, but this is not so. Yes, Canada’s economy grew in parallel with that of the United States, but their cultural backgrounds are different.

While the United States rational is “America first” – in Canada the people have embraced multiculturalism at its roots. You can keep your country of births culture with you, wave or display its flag without having to feel that you’re not being loyal to Canada.

Visitors to Canada, will get first hand experience of the presence of this cultural diversity when they come and visit in the months of spring and summer. There is always a celebration of different cultures in different cities of the country.

Because of this, Canadians, including us adopted sons and daughters, have so much to be thankful for for being given the chance to live in a country like ours. And in return, we should each do our share in protecting and preserving what nature has gifted us with, show respect and tolerance to other peoples culture, belief and orientation.

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